Itinerary SotR, Wed, 18 July 2018

Dear Brother/Sisterhood of the Rose (PFC) attendees,

Here’s the itinerary for our Sisterhood of the Rose meet-up on Wednesday evening (tonight), 18 July 2018
(see previous post for more information)

7:00 setup
7:15 introduction & chat
7:30 mindfulness meditation
7:45 return of the goddess meditation
7:55 goddess vortex meditation
8:00 sexual healing meditation
8:15 clean-up
8:30 optional: meet at nearby venue for after-chat (chalkers, java dolce, etc)

Chalkers (eatery):
Java Dolce (coffeeshop):

You can find the meditations audios on our online meditation platform: and check the #meditation-scripts & #meditation-media rooms.
To quickly glance over some of the scripts for the meditations, see:

Please let us know if you’re coming!

We hope to see you in a few hours!

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