About Us

What is I AM Temple?

In this unified portal that we have called I AM Templeour small core group of devoted individuals have come together to provide physical and non-physical spaces for awakened individuals to come together and forge benevolent initiatives to raise the planetary vibration.

The I AM Temple aims to represent the embodiment of our natural presence in a diversity of ways; such as physical meet-ups, meditation and sharing of information; where presenting our Authentic Self is the foundation.

What is our mission?

We are also Prepared For The Change / Sisterhood Of The Rose, Toronto who are aligned with the Prepare For Change (PFC) Network (http://prepareforchange.net/welcome/), the Sisterhood Of The Rose (SotR) Network (https://www.sisterhoodoftherose.network/) and similar benevolent organizations, as part of a global decentralized group that offers a variety of initiatives to build an energetic foundation for positive transformation, to help humanity prepare for and deal with drastic changes that will lead to a positively transformed society, eventually and inevitably leading to peace on Earth.

What do we do?

We offer meeting spaces for like-hearted people, physically in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, in Canada), as well as online, who want to participate in our world’s transformation, and contribute to the liberation of our own and collective energetic (emotional) barriers, through meditations and healings.
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Why do we physically come together?

We have a dream to create a space of harmony and authentic connection in a world of distraction and old busy-ness, and we find that the only way we can manifest this is by first creating the energetic space for this in ourselves, which naturally radiates outwards and affects the world in a permanent way.

Through our experience we have found that meditation is the fastest and most effective way to align us with our higher purpose, making it possible for all Divine assistance to guide our energy wherever it is most needed in our daily lives.

Why meditation?

Meditation connects us to our innate state of being, which brings more of our unique essence into this earthly realm.  In addition, when we merge our energy and focused intent together, the impact we have on the world becomes greatly amplified and has truly no limits.  This is what scientists call the ‘Maharishi effect’.

Various scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of mass meditations on our society: http://www.mum.edu/m_effect/dc_md.html

We are eager to take full advantage of this graceful way of conscious co-creation, because we have seen and experienced the potential in action of bringing about lasting positive change on a global scale!

Follow our meditations & healings online

We invite you to join our online Meditations-On-The-Go platform where we host various of our own meditation initiatives and those aligned with the We Love Mass Meditation initiative (http://welovemassmeditation.blogspot.com/), the Prepare For Change network (http://prepareforchange.net/) and the Resistance Movement (http://2012portal.blogspot.com/).

Most of the meditations we host during our physical meet-up can also be found on our online platform.  Check the #meditation-schedule room to preview and read more about our many daily meditations.  Checking out our meditations online will give you a good indication if our meditations resonate with you.
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Join us!

We invite you to join our initiatives or start your own and collaborate with us to help bring about planetary liberation together.
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