Online Meditations

On our Meditations-On-The-Go platform (, our online healing and meditation initiative, we continuously aim to co-create a calming and positive space for meditation and collaboration, and to share experiences and information.

We offer a variety of initiatives, including daily guided meditations (and sometimes live meditations), facilitated healing sessions, mindfulness meditations, a host of inspiring and informative content, unique ideas, intel and links, and most importantly: many like-hearted people for lively and constructive interaction.

  • We host both our own as well as meditations created by like-hearted beings and groups.
  • We also host our own special Ubuntu Healing Circle, as well as other healing initiatives for individuals and groups.
  • If you are interested in mindfulness, we play a random mindfulness meditation regularly.
  • Our rich community offers a wide range of sharings from both on and off-planet sources, shared across a multitude of categories.
  • Also check out our elaborate collection of uplifting and inspiring movies, documentaries, and other sharings.
  • We play a multitude of music, audio and meditation tracks that are available in public (like YouTube and SoundCloud).
  • We have various categories available for your interactive experience, including a localized chat to find like-hearted people in your area, as well as sharings related to current world events.
  • Most of our initiatives, especially those that are automated, are advertised in dedicated alerts rooms, so that you can keep track of everything that you are interested in!
  • After receiving several requests from lightworkers in need, we have created a special category for anyone who is experiencing extra-ordinary difficulties in life, that would significantly benefit from some form of physical aid in a timely manner.

We are always looking for those interested in hosting initiatives in our small community for mutual gain, without any limits! Please share if you have any ideas to make our mutual platform better!

Our Divinely guided team of volunteers is always ready to assist in whatever way is needed to facilitate a higher vibrational space. Feel free to contact our crew for any needs that you have!

Join us here:

(This link will take you to a platform called Discord; If you dislike the name, or feel uncomfortable with the intro-image, let it be a reminder that we are here to infuse all discord with Light)