๐Ÿ”ด โ„น โš  CANCELLED SotR/PFC meet-up, Sunday, Mar 8th

Dear friends,

We are cancelling tomorrow’s (private) meet-up (Sun, Mar 8th) due to our meditation facilitator falling ill a few days ago and (surprisingly) hasn’t gotten better yet.

Our apologies for the short notice and if you had your hopes up we will see you again very soon!

The schedule for the next few Sundays looks like this:
– Sunday, March 8th: –(CANCELLED)– Private SotR/PFC meet-up
– Sunday, March 15th: No Meet-up
– Sunday, March 22nd: Private SotR/PFC meet-up
– Sunday, March 29th: PUBLIC SotR/PFC meet-up at a coffee shop/public location
– Sunday, April 5th: Private SotR/PFC meet-up

If you are interested, please let us know!

We hope to see you again soon at a public and/or private meet-up.

Much love

I AM Temple / Prepare For Change / Brother/Sisterhood of the Rose, Toronto, create physical and non-physical spaces for awakened individuals to come together on a regular basis, to build an energetic foundation for positive world transformation, through meditation, healing, sharing information and presenting our Authentic Self.
Connect with us on Discord, Facebook, Skype, COEO, Thrive, and other communities: http://iamtemple.org/

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