Key to Freedom Meditation (Sat, Aug 11th at 5:11am EDT)

Dear Lightbeings and meditators,

This is a clarion call to the 144,000 for a mass meditation at the solar eclipse on Saturday, August 11th at 9:11am UTC (5:11am EDT) for the potential tipping point of the compression breakthrough!

In this Key to Freedom meditation, we synchronize with “the electric fire of liberation [that] will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and all Galactic Command Light forces, and will be channeled through Eris and Kuiper belt, then through Vesta and asteroid belt, through the Moon (especially Mersenius and Tycho lunar bases of the Light forces), though RM2m special task force underground and then through all groups meditating on the surface of the planet. Therefore our meditation at the moment of the eclipse has great potential for a breakthrough, as it is a moment of very favorable connection with the Galactic Center.” — Cobra

You can do this meditation guided or not, privately, in a group physically, online here or elsewhere:
– Join us on our platform in the Meditation Special AUDIO room here; (see #welcome)
– Join the web meditation portal here:

You can listen to the audio here: (meditation script in video description)
If for any reason there is no internet or the video (or service) is temporarily unavailable, you can download it here:

More information:
– Resistance Movement:
– We Love Mass Meditation:
– Latest related Cobra post:

Please join us in this rare opportunity!

Victory of the Light!

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