PFC/SOTR Toronto Meet-up, Sunday, June 3rd from 4pm to 7pm

Welcome, fellow earth travellers!

As part of our new shared endeavor we call I AM Temple (, hosted by Diego, Ana and Edwin, we welcome you to join another Prepared For The Change meet-up (in real life) in the Greater Toronto Area, for sharing a loving energy in meditation, healing, fun activities and/or conversation, for anyone who resonates with the idea of lifting up the world by lighting up our shared experiences.  More information further below.

Please join us on Sunday, May 20th from 4pm to 7pm @ 792 Glencairn Ave., North York, ON, M6B 2A3 at the Toronto Theosophical Society building.  Google Map:

The building has its own parking area, and there is subway access (Glencairn station) right across the street, and from the highway located right off the Allen Rd. Express-way.

With the grace of the Toronto Theosophical Society we have permission to use their entire basement area (which has enough space for a small rock concert!).  Please use the elevator or the stairs leading down right next to the elevator. On the elevator the basement will be indicated as the “1st floor”. We will add some PFC signs to indicate what way to go on entering the building.
– There are washrooms on every floor.
– Chairs are available.
– Bring food/drink if you need a snack/beverage.

Please let us know (RSVP) if you are interested in joining us (

Follow our meditations & healings online

We invite you to join our online Meditation-On-The-Go platform where we host various of our own meditation initiatives and those aligned with We Love Mass Meditation initiative, Prepare For Change network and the Resistance Movement.  Please follow this invitation for more information:

Most of the meditations we host during our meet-up can also be found on our online platform.  Check the #Meditation-schedule room to see our many daily meditations, including times and previews.  Checking out our meditations online will give you a good indication if our meditations resonate with you.

Join us!

With gratitude we would love to see you at this meet-up!

Ana, Edwin & Diego

I AM Temple, Prepare For Change, Sisterhood Of The Rose – Toronto

Prepare For Change / Sisterhood of the Rose – Toronto is a collective, working to inspire awareness about the issues our world is currently facing.
Through our group initiatives we lay the foundations of freedom, sharing, truth, abundance, oneness and love.
Let’s come together and create our better world today!

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